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Sensors for asset tracking, indoor navigation and location based services.

  • For Kids
  • For Pets
  • For Seniors
  • For Objects
  • For Industrie
  • For Developers
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • No GPS
  • No Fees
  • Geofencing included
  • Centimetre precision
  • Long Range
  • Personal Security
  • Asset tracking
  • Route analysis
  • Process optimisation
  • Navigation
  • Smart Data
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 A family of intelligent sensors

With them, you can locate people, animals and object, inside as well as outdoors, with centimeter-accurate precision. Unlike other systems, RangerSensor works without an internet connection, without smartphone and even completely offline ... > read more

How does RangerSensor work?

To be able to use RangerSensor you need at least two devices. Thus RangerSensor is independent of smartphones and third-party technologies. The system doesn’t require data or internet connections. The sensors are programmed via the integrated, user-friendly menu. For the most comprehensive experience, you can connect the smartphone application, RangerApp, to your sensors and configure all the settings there. You can simultaneously pair with, monitor and configure as many sensors as needed. The sensors communicate over a distance of up to ...

> read more

Safety for Children

Whether in the home or garden, shopping, on days out or on holiday – dangers exist everywhere for children. Particularly for small children or toddlers. The RangerSensor family offers parents the ideal way to keep an eye on children without limiting their freedom. The stairs at home can be as much of a danger as the garden pond or swimming pool. If you define these areas as a danger zone using RangerSensor, the locating unit can raise the alarm as soon as the child nears the stairs or pool; as long as the child is wearing a sensor. Our example at the beginning of the family outing to the shops could be promptly resolved with RangerSensor: the parents could tell straight away with the locating device, which direction the child had gone in and whether they had taken the up escalator or the down.

Family outings to crowded venues like the Christmas market, summer fairs or concerts – essentially anywhere lots of people congregate and there is a high risk of losing children in the crowd – are no problem with RangerSensor. If, in fact, parents and children get separated, they are quickly reunited thanks to the intelligent locating system. The same applies to holidays, for example on a busy beach. Parents can define the sea as a danger zone so they can rest easy in the knowledge that the kids can’t go off swimming on their own. As the RangerSensor is waterproof and dustproof it can easily cope with the children wearing it on their wrists while they play on the beach.

Safety for Pets

Let’s return to our initial example: your dog smells something exciting in the middle of his walk and disappears into the woods. Without the sensors, the pet owner starts to search, to call and to try and entice him back with treats. With the RangerSensor you simply use the locating unit in order to determine in which direction your four legged friend has disappeared. He is located via the sensor, which is conveniently attached to his collar. Outdoors cats generally have a larger territory. But you can still keep them safe using RangerSensor, just by using geofencing and defining the largest territory possible. If your cat goes outside this authorized area, you, as their owner, are immediately notified. Even for cats you can attach a RangerSensor to their collar, thanks to its small size.

It’s not just unwanted excursions that can be a danger for four legged members of the family. Pets sometimes get frightened and hide themselves away. Dogs and cats can quickly be found using RangerSensor. And if Tabby has sought refuge in a tree, her owner can see this on the RangerSensor display thanks to the altimeter – making the search so much easier!

Dog owners know more than anyone else: your beloved four legged friend isn’t allowed into every shop with you so has to be tied up outside. A boundary can be quickly defined with RangerSensor and should a stranger try and let them loose and abduct them, the owner will immediately get an alarm in the shop and be able to pick up their trail.

Safety for Seniors

Some people care for their elderly relatives at home. This can become particularly problematic when the person needing care first shows signs of dementia. They might leave the house and property and be unable to find their way back. If, however, they carry a RangerSensor on their person, their carer can quickly locate them using the RangerSensor System. Just as in the case of child safety, geofencing areas can be designated for the safety of seniors; if they step out of the safe zone, an alarm is sounded. 

That could be the garden gate or a specific doorway. If the person leaves the house or property, the locating device RangerSensor immediately raises the alarm. It’s not just confused people who can be protected with the RangerSensor System. The sensors are a sensible safety measure for older people. They are able to detect a crash to the ground and thereby notify carers in the event of a fall.

Safety for your Valuables

It doesn’t matter whether you forget, misplace or have them stolen – RangerSensor is ideal for protecting your valuables. A sensor in your handbag can ensure that you can find it at any time. So, whether you’re sitting in a restaurant or in the doctor’s waiting room, the area can be defined as a boundary in RangerSensor. If you leave the venue and forget your handbag, the locating device will sound the alarm as soon as it is outside range. This also works excellently with cash bags, briefcases and luggage.

The latter is particularly appropriate on a train journey. Newer trains, for example, have just small luggage shelves in the carriage and larger suitcases need to be left near the doors. The problem: someone accidentally picks up the wrong suitcase or purposely takes a case that doesn’t belong to them. With a RangerSensor in the suitcase and a narrow range inputted into the RangerSensor for this device, the owner of the suitcase will be notified if the case is moved without their permission. Anywhere your cases, bags or bikes are out of direct sight the RangerSensor System can take care of security for you. Thanks to geofencing the owner is immediately notified if the object moves out of its predefined range.

The RangerSensor is additionally fitted with light and proximity sensors. With this, it can determine a bag being opened as the light conditions change; and sound the alarm in the nick of time. The proximity sensor reacts immediately if a potential thief’s hand “accidentally” opens your rucksack and nears the sensor. The internal movement sensor sounds an early alarm if unattended luggage moves or is lifted from its spot.

For the little extras: RangerApp

The RangerSensor system is completely independent of smartphones and internet connections. All settings and control of all parameters are accessible via the graphical interface and buttons. Direction and distance are displayed on the RangerSensor locating device.  For your convenience, there is optionally RangerApp, available for iOS ™ and Android ™ . Via the app you can control and monitor of all sensors in your RangerSensor group on the graphical interface of your own smartphone.

For Programmer: RangerAPI

The sensors in the RangerSensor family are accessible via an Application Program Interface (API) so that they can be integrated into existing systems. Programmers are given access to the internal sensors so they can download saved data for analysis and configure settings and alarm notifications.

For Developers: RangerOEM

For custom specific solutions we are offering RangerOEM, the circuit board-only version of the RangerSensor family: a development kit and documentation for hardware design are included so that our sensors can be built in to existing electronics or systems. Hardware connections are available via mini I/O plugs, with data transferred by I2C, SPI, USB and a serial interface. Bluetooth and ultra-wideband offer further opportunities for communicating with RangerSensor via the API. We have a simple scripting interface under development so that developers will be able to communicate with and integrate our sensors into their systems with ease.

About Us

RangerSensor has been developed by the German start-up LarsLabs, with their headquarters in Munich. 

Our products are manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality control.

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