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Versatile, Secure



IoT Sensors

The innovative IoT Sensor system composed of interchangeable, freely configurable hardware modules.
Adaptable  - configurable to  customer requirements and  can be implemented (almost) anywhere 
Safe  - the system offers a variety of security levels, from the base chip level design up to a secure cloud connection
Innovative  - Modules can be put together just like building blocks 
High quality -  finished to industry standards, EMV and ESD secure, certified to multiple and specific regulations 
Scalable -  Millions of sensors can be monitored and managed in real time 
Reasonably priced -  between 50% to 80% cheaper than existing systems
  • Stock management 

  • Quality control 

  • Buildings management 

  • Analysis of customer behaviour 

  • Personal security

  • Industry 4.0 

  • Start-ups 

  • Research and Development

  • Sports / Smart Data 

  • Data driven business models

What is the RangerSensoR


RangerSensor Suite is a family of IoT Sensors for use in industry 4.0, smart data and predictive analytics.


The sensors make evaluation of environmental data, movement, orientation, as well as precise indoor and outdoor localisation possible and provide a connection to the cloud and blockchain integration.



Our system focuses on three key features. It is clearly distinct from other existing IoT systems on the market:


1. Flexibility: The system is composed of interchangeable, independently configurable hardware modules with a neat dimensions.


2. Security: An innovative security from Chip Level Design through to Cloud connectivity. Multiple security levels have been implemented in the RangerSensor Suite. Every processor module has its own private keycode, generated by a secure element. All data transferred, including wireless firmware updates are safely protected with elliptical curve cryptography. 


3. Scalability: Real-time visualisation and lifecycle management of millions of sensors in the Cloud.


RangerSensor Suite consists of tiny modules, which are placed like bricks on a basic platform, resulting in an independent IoT Sensor System.

Why choose the RangerSensor Suite?

RangerSensor Suite is one of the most innovative and efficiently scalable IoT Sensor solutions for Industry 4.0 on the market. The system offers you both Cloud connectivity and Blockchain integration. 

You don‘t just get the hardware but also software, service and support. We look after the IoT connection, security and system-management – leaving you more time to look after your business. You connect the Sensor Pack in the way that suits you. 

You can purchase just the hardware for the Sensor Technology or the complete infrastructure, including the software and analytics functionality. We can develop “ready to use“ solutions, installations and complete customer projects, including warranty and service, specifically for your requirements. 

Simple integration into customer-specific Cloud applications is easy thanks to flexible protocols and API interfaces. Customers can choose if they prefer to configure and manage the sensor technology themselves or receive the raw data from us for their own evaluation purposes. A complete offline variation within their own server network is also possible. 

You can manage and monitor millions of IoT sensors thanks to the scalability of the RangerSensor Suite. You have a real-time overview of the status of your sensor technology and can implement firmware and software updates with ease.

Individual modules can be swapped out at any time



The modular construction is future-proof and ensures a sustainable product life-cycle.


shutterstock_627516815 (1).jpg

At any time, modules with obsolete functionality can be removed and new modules added. The RangerSensor Suite is ready for future technologies. What‘s more, we can develop modules for your specific needs regarding power supply, memory, connectivity and sensor technology.


We aren't making a specific product for a specific market. We are different. Therefore we use different solutions. This way, we can offer a product uniquely tailored to your individual wants and needs.


You choose and configure your ideal IoT sensor solution based on our available modules. You specify the power supply and performance, the amount of memory needed, connectivity options and sensors.


If you cannot find the module you need among our range, please contact us – we can develop it especially for you. 

Advantages for your customer

The RangerSensor IoT system offers the following advantages:


  • The RangerSensor Suite is modular and can be configured according to individual customer needs in a short space of time

  • An appropriate voltage range makes implementation in manufacturing just as viable as in the motor industry

  • The system can be certified to different standards (industry, automotive, medical, avionics)

  • Multiple different security levels are possible depending on use

  • The compact format makes it possible to use RangerSensor in wearable devices and in the field of the Smart City

  • The eminently interchangeable hardware modules make the system future-proof

  • Software, security and service are being constantly developed for your device to function safely and accurately for years

  • Our comprehensive management tools constantly provide an overview of the sensors you've implemented

  • Long battery life is guaranteed with low drain and stand-by mode

The functionality of the modules

RangerSensor Suite is a modular IoT sensor system that can be individually configured to customer requirements regarding power supply, memory, connectivity, sensor technology and data evaluation.


It consists of very small hardware modules that can be placed like bricks on a foundation creating your individual IoT sensor system. The modules configure themselves automatically and sync with our Cloud.






We can administer all of the sensors, manage them as groups or use them individually or the customer can do it themselves. Using a flexible API interface, connection to user defined Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, IoT, AWS, thingworx, GE Digital and Salesforce, among others is possible.

RangerSensor Suite is also available as OEM electronics and therefore can be integrated into existing products. Comprehensive instructions on the hardware design, including multiple reference designs, circuit diagrams, pin assignment and guidelines making a quick product to market process possible.

RangerSensor Suite scores above others with its unbeatable flexibility and security with huge cost advantages for the client. Dynamic and accurate location pinpointing is seamlessly possible. One particular plus point: the hardware and software are developed by us in house in Munich and produced by local EMS partners.


The customer makes all the decisions


After the modules have been configured to the customer’s specifications, we mount RangerSensor Suite into its casing and set everything up as the client wishes. Alternatively, the customer can implement their own solutions and/or integrate the modules to expand an existing system. The decision on how the data is received or how it interacts with the new sensor system lies with the customer. Data can be retrieved over our API or integrated into the custom Cloud solution. We also offer access to a comprehensive control panel where all settings can be individually configured. The tool also enables RangerSensor Suite’s configuration: time settings, alarm level, notifications and much more.


Solutions and usage examples


RangerSensor Suite helps B2B customers to develop IoT sensor solutions quickly and securely, in order to resolve their own customers’ issues. RangerSensor Suite has an infinite number of implementation possibilities, the interchangeable hardware modules allow the system to grow horizontally and vertically; depending on the situation, we can completely create a module in the shortest amount of time, regardless of whether it is for use in constructions, retail, delivery, logistics or the pharmaceutical industry. Everything is possible, from asset tracking to distance measurement or material analysis.


We offer solutions for:


OEM Industrial customers and SME, who haven’t developed a digital strategy because of the high costs or the complexity of integration with existing systems The sports industry (integration as wearables and for sports analysis) System Integrators & Startups Research & Development


RangerSensor's internal sensor data is collected as “big data” and turned into smart data using bespoke intelligent algorithms.

The “raw material” big data is processed to be user-friendly so it can be used to its full advantage. An example of this would be using the smart data in development of new business models by analysing existing data volumes.

These concepts can be implemented in the following areas:

Smart health

For example the digitalisation of health care; whereby provision, care and support are being extended and replaced with automated processes.

Smart mobility

Improving integration across different modes of transport, usage analysis, speed, vehicle condition and driving behaviour in all types of vehicle.

Smart home

The connected, intelligent home; household and multimedia devices are integrated and can be centrally remotely controlled; serves as protection against breaking and entering.

Smart building

Security and optimisation of energy usage in connected, purpose-built premises such as offices, shopping malls or warehouses – essentially commercial smart homes.

Smart metering

Electronic measuring devices and intelligent meters; information about energy usage; communication is possible between the meters and network operators.

Smart diagnostics

Comprehensive error analysis in production facilities; also medical analysis of vital signs, for example by sensor controlled jackets.

Industry 4.0

Comprehensive digitalisation of industrial production; man, machine and logistics communicate directly with each other in order to optimise the value chain.

Smart energy

Digitization and optimisation of the value chain in the energy industry; improvements in decentralised power supply.

Smart city

Analysis of air quality, noise pollution, traffic and personal tolls, finding available parking spaces, traffic efficiency by analysing stretches of road and much more.

Real-life examples of how RangerSensor Suite can be used

Personal security 

Whether it’s in a care home, on a construction site or in manufacturing, people can get into dangerous situations. The RangerSensor system is ideal for personal security. The stairs at home can present dangers just as easily as high scaffolding. 

Patients in care homes, particularly those with dementia, can wear or carry a RangerSensor with additional sensors fitted in problematic locations such as steps and doorways. Care staff will be alerted to a patient entering a predefined danger area. Essentially the sensors are a good safety precaution for all elderly people, not just dementia patients. Thanks to the way in which the RangerSensor can detect a drop to the ground, care staff can be alerted in case of a fall.

The combination of RangerSensor as a fall or accident notification can also be Employees are faced daily with potential dangers on large industrial sites. It is therefore important that health and safety are looked after in the workplace. Conditions like temperature, air quality and lighting conditions can be monitored with the RangerSensor system and the evacuation protocol in case of emergencies can be triggered. If circumstances change, the system will raise the alarm and the problem can be addressed immediately. Air quality for underground workers, such as those involved in tunneling, can be monitored. 

If an organisation frequently uses external contractors, they can be tracked using the RangerSensor system and they can be prevented from accessing sensitive areas. By offering protection for external contractors the reverse is also true: the system means that they can quickly be found in emergencies, on large sites that they are not familiar with. 

Parents can be offered a sensor system as a service by theme parks and shopping malls. The children are given a bracelet with a RangerSensor and the parents given the tracking and locating device, RangerSensor, so they can keep an eye on their offspring. If the children disappear in a crowd they can be located quickly.

Protection and asset tracking 

RangerSensor is excellent for protection and tracking of goods; warehouse companies can optimise their operations and find ways to improve efficiency. Thousands of different items are often kept in large warehouses and not always in the optimal location. Workers frequently have to search for items, which takes time and lengthens turnaround times. Using the RangerSensor system the necessary items can be located with centimetre-level accuracy. 

Businesses can enable inventory management of their valuable goods and company vehicles. Simply fit them with a RangerSensor and you can tell at any point in time where particular goods are, how much stock is left and whether the items have left the premises. This is done by defining a virtual boundary using geofencing. In the same way you can determine whether goods have already been finished and left the site or in which stage of the production process they are. Additionally, the sensors can be used to monitor temperature, for example in warehouses and so prevent items from being incorrectly stored.

Route analysis: customer and purchasing behaviour 

The behaviour of customers in a shopping mall or supermarket can also be analysed with the help of the RangerSensor system. Large supermarket chains can fit their shopping trolleys with sensors. Further sensors are then arranged in the stores and these report the location of the trolleys. Organisations can gain valuable insights by analysing the data. You can tell which areas the customers spend the longest in. If that is the checkout area or the deli counter, this can be an indication that more staff are needed in these areas. The location of stores and placement of products can also be optimised in this way. Route analysis is useful not just for companies and those who deal with them but also for the organisers of major events and conferences and people running theme parks. The system can be used to reduce waiting times for attractions and can be practically implemented at airports: the analysed data can be used to optimise passenger flow and reduce the waiting times at security and at the gates.

Process optimisation 

In assembly lines, such as are common in car manufacturing, the supply and demand of materials needs to be balanced in order to prevent delays. In large manufacturing plants tugger trains comprised of several wagons or carts are used, with which the components are moved between assembly stations. Delays to the tugger trains lead to delays in assembly and can even result in assembly being halted, causing significant increases in operating costs for companies. If however the carts are fitted with RangerSensor devices you can determine where they are at any given time. 

Long-term data analysis can help tease out the cause of any delays, address them promptly and thereby optimise the assembly process.

Risk minimisation

People can be at risk in many real-life situations, whether on construction sites or production lines. RangerSensor Suite is ideal for minimising this risk. 

Employees in large industrial areas are confronted daily with numerous potential dangerous situations. It is therefore vital to make adjustments to ensure the health of workers. Environmental factors such as temperature, air quality, lighting conditions as well as evacuation procedures in case of emergencies can be controlled with RangerSensor. If certain parameters change, help can be promptly provided. In the case of work underground, air quality can be checked.

People flow analysis - Customer and visitor behaviour/smart city

Using the Sensors in the RangerSensor Suite it becomes possible to analyse the behaviour and the routes customers take in shopping centres or supermarkets. Organisations can benefit from these findings. You can find out like this, which areas customers spend the most time. If, for example, it is at the till then it could be a hint for the company that more staff are needed in this area. The layout of the shop and product placement can also be optimised by these additional findings. People flow analyses such as these aren’t just for retailers and businesses but also for the organisers of large events and trade shows and the managers of theme parks. RangerSensor Suite’s people flow analysis can also be practical in airports: the data received can help to optimise the flow of passengers and reduce delays at security and the gates. Analysis like this is important for the Smart City. Sensors help to monitor and control the traffic and to give users the option of using alternative routes or finding parking using an app.


Thanks to an option with a graphical display the RangerSensor Suite is also ideally suited to navigation tasks. For example, the RangerSensor system can be used to arrange a museum tour. First a route around the museum via various points of interest is arranged - these could be exhibition pieces or information boards. Then, when a visitor reaches each point, important information about the object is displayed on the screen. 

Hospitals and care homes can guide patients navigating round their premises in the same way. Important locations such as common rooms, toilets, drinks machines or special treatment rooms can be marked as points of interest. Patients and visitors can be guided by the RangerSensor to clinical appointments and back to their rooms.

Large university campuses, airports, train stations and conferences are all situations where the organisers might want to provide an indoor navigation system. Theme parks can use this method to entice visitors to the attractions with the shortest queues.

Analysis of sensor data



Other models of the RangerSensor-family allows the measurement of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, UV intensity, light levels, sound and air quality. This functionality can be implemented in various ways.

Temperature sensor


The ideal solution for monitoring the grocery cool chain to ensure that foodstuffs are kept in optimal condition during storage and transportation. Temperature monitoring is ideal for use in various manufacturing processes. In some cases a particular ambient temperature is needed and this is simplified by using the RangerSensor and results in significantly improved production processes. In research laboratories the sensor technology can ensure laboratory samples are kept at a consistent temperature.

Humidity sensor


Humidity is particularly significant in museums. Artworks are at real risk of mould or becoming misshapen if humidity and temperature aren’t kept constant. The sensors in the RangerSensor family contribute to monitoring the climate and thereby keeping it consistent. This is also true for archives, historical venues and offices. Armed with information on humidity levels, buildings managers can take steps to prevent a possible unhealthy mould infestation in the workplace.

Air pressure monitoring


Innumerable workplaces can benefit from the introduction of pressure sensor technology, primarily manufacturing processes. In car production and the metalwork industries the sensors can be introduced for monitoring compressed air systems. Consistent air pressure is needed for finishing production in cleanrooms. In the packing industry the strength of packaging or of plastic bottles can be checked using a pressure sensor.

Light sensors


Useful primarily in optimising working conditions. Optimum lighting conditions can be guaranteed in manufacturing facilities. Automatic lighting control can also be implemented in office buildings using these sensors. For example, this technology is particularly helpful for garden centres and nurseries as ideal growing conditions for plants can be ensured with consistent lighting in greenhouses thanks to the sensors.

Monitoring air quality


The sensors can be lifesaving in tunneling or mountainous construction sites by showing changes in air quality. Keeping an eye on air quality in hospitals, schools and offices can also be a good idea.

Monitoring vital signs


Vital signs can be monitored using RangerSensor in the health service (hospitals and care homes). If a patient collapses help can immediately be called. The patient can be found and first aid administered immediately thanks to the locating function of RangerSensor. An overview of vital signs is given to the frequently changing care staff and making their work easier.



Just as we are able to obtain route analysis in the supermarket, this can also be used in the field of sport. Regardless of whether it’s for indoor or outdoor sports, the sensors in the RangerSensor family aid in analysing the running behaviour and routes of athletes as well as giving their real-time location on the sports field. This is particularly interesting for training and tactic analysis in team sports like football, handball, basketball and ice-hockey – but also for equestrian pursuits (tracking the running performance of the animals). Training can be optimised and injuries prevented by analysis of this data. Real-time measurements of acceleration are possible with RangerSensor, as are change of direction, jumping performance and ball-passing. The 3D location also enables analysis of correct posture and the use of the right sports equipment such as bats and balls.

The founding Team

LarsLabs was founded in September 2018 by

Lars-Gerd Piwkowski and Dirk Lohmann, based in Munich. 

We are a hardware start-up and build intelligent IoT sensors for Industry 4.0.

Our Mission

IoT (Internet of Things). Just a buzzword, only a phase or yet another internet gadget? 

The internet of things is often misunderstood and not seen as a relevant part of the huge technological revolution. That is a big mistake. In the past thirty years there have been three main waves of digital revolution: 

1. The connection of one computer with others over a network - the internet 

2. People connecting with other people over social networking 

3. “Things” connecting with other things, with people and with computers 


Sensors are part of point three. They are the most important building block which connects the physical world, the world of atoms, with the digital world, the world of bits. It is as if the digital world develops its own senses and can see, feel, smell touch and hear. Using artificial intelligence, Blockchain and virtual reality we are in a position where we can understand reality as it actually is.

New ideas for more flexibility

We have recognised during our long experiences with developing industry electronics that many existing IoT solutions are not flexible, secure and scalable. Additionally most are far too large, have high acquisition costs and complex to implement and maintain. 


In digitising man, machine and method, an enormous amount of flexibility in various sensor technology is required, as well as compatibility with existing technologies and solutions. A simple and cost effective setup and integration just is not currently possible. 




We are looking for industrial partners who are interested in evaluating our

RangerSensor technology in customized pilot projects.


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