The Swiss Army Knife of Smart Sensors

Use it to protect people, kids and pets moving out of sight in indoor and outdoor locations. Protect your precious objects of getting damaged, misplaced, lost or stolen.

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Protect Anything - Anytime - Anywhere

Keeps people you love and things you care about in range.


Works like a compass, indicating the precise direction where the object is located. 


With a precision down to 20 cm thanks to Ultra Wideband RTLS and BLE technology. Geofencing included.


Up or down, you always know where to look.

Works offline. Without cell phone, does not need WiFi or Internet

An Amazing Piece of Technology

It contains sophisticated sensors that are able to measure changes in proximity, motion, temperature, light, sound, humidity, elevation, pressure and air quality

Localize them Indoor and Outdoor

Endless Uses

RangerSensor is wearable, super small and can be attached to people, kids, pets and objects. Receive smart alerts in case of exceptions and take immediate action.

Receive Smart Alerts

Peace of Mind

We have created RangerSensor as an unobtrusive way to provide you with a little peace of mind and control over your family and belongings.

For your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Yourself

Geofencing Included

Use the geofencing feature to restrict objects approaching dangerous areas or keep them inside safe areas. Ranger Sensor´s extended range allows you to cover for instance your whole property, office, retail store, bar, garage or even country yard.

Use it in parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, crowded places or on your next vacation 

E-Paper Display as option

 There will be more than one RangerSensor model available. Be surprised!

RTLS & UWB Technology at a new level

Enhanced User Experience

Our companion app allows you to setup all parameters, presets and even visualize real-time information and environmental data. Get push alarm notifications.

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We Love Developers and Makers

Development Kit & OEM version

RangerSensor will be available even as an OEM version to embed our circuit board into your product. We have ready a development kit and hardware design documentation to get you started.

RangerSensor Speaks your Language

Thanks to a build-in application program interface you can communicate with RangerSensor. Access all internal sensors, setup and program individual alarms, set notifications, select existing and define new presets, access the localization engine and get real-time environmental data. You also have access to the internal sensor logs and can download its data for analytic purpose.

Create 3D maps, build location based services and do asset tracking.

More Updates and Amazing News are Coming Soon

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