Versatile, secure and scalable IoT Sensors (deutsche Version)

The innovative IoT Sensor system composed of interchangeable, freely configurable  hardware modules.

Adaptable  - configurable to  customer requirements and  can be implemented (almost) anywhere 

Safe  - the system offers a variety of security levels, from the base chip level design up to a secure cloud connection

Innovative  - Modules can be put together just like building blocks 

High quality -  finished to industry standards, EMV and ESD secure, certified to multiple and specific regulations 

Scalable -  Millions of sensors can be monitored and managed in real time 

Reasonably priced -  between 50% to 80% cheaper than existing systems

  • Stock management 
  • Quality control 
  • Buildings management 
  • Analysis of customer behaviour 
  • Personal security
  • Data protection 
  • Access control 
  • Tourism 
  • Automotive 
  • Autonomous driving
  • Industry 4.0 
  • Start-ups 
  • Research and Development
  • Sports / Smart Data 
  • Data driven business models

Why choose the RangerSensor Suite?

RangerSensor Suite is one of the most innovative and efficiently scalable IoT Sensor solutions for Industry 4.0 on the market. The system offers you both Cloud connectivity and Blockchain integration. 

You don‘t just get the hardware but also software, service and support. We look after the IoT connection, security and system-management – leaving you more time to look after your business. You connect the Sensor Pack in the way that suits you. 

You can purchase just the hardware for the Sensor Technology or the complete infrastructure, including the software and analytics functionality. We can develop “ready to use“ solutions, installations and complete customer projects, including warranty and service, specifically for your requirements. 

Simple integration into customer-specific Cloud applications is easy thanks to flexible protocols and API interfaces. Customers can choose if they prefer to configure and manage the sensor technology themselves or receive the raw data from us for their own evaluation purposes. A complete offline variation within their own server network is also possible. 

You can manage and monitor millions of IoT sensors thanks to the scalability of the RangerSensor Suite. You have a real-time overview of the status of your sensor technology and can implement firmware and software updates with ease.

Individual modules can be swapped out at any time

The modular construction is future-proof and ensures a sustainable product life-cycle. 

At any time, modules with obsolete functionality can be removed and new modules added. The RangerSensor Suite is ready for future technologies. What‘s more, we can develop modules for your specific needs regarding power supply, memory, connectivity and sensor technology. 

We aren't making a specific product for a specific market. We are different. Therefore we use different solutions. This way, we can offer a product uniquely tailored to your individual wants and needs. 

You choose and configure your ideal IoT sensor solution based on our available modules. You specify the power supply and performance, the amount of memory needed, connectivity options and sensors. 

If you cannot find the module you need among our range, please contact us – we can develop it especially for you. Read more here (LINK) about the advantages that using the RangerSensor Suite can bring to your organisation.

Advantages for your customer 

The RangerSensor IoT system offers the following advantages:

  • The RangerSensor Suite is modular and can be configured according to individual customer needs in a short space of time 
  • An appropriate voltage range makes implementation in manufacturing just as viable as in the motor industry 
  • The system can be certified to different standards (industry, automotive, medical, avionics) 
  • Multiple different security levels are possible depending on use 
  • The compact format makes it possible to use RangerSensor in wearable devices and in the field of the Smart City 
  • The eminently interchangeable hardware modules make the system future-proof 
  • Software, security and service are being constantly developed for your device to function safely and accurately for years 
  • Our comprehensive management tools constantly provide an overview of the sensors you've implemented 
  • Long battery life is guaranteed with low drain and stand-by mode

The functionality of the modules 

RangerSensor Suite is a modular IoT sensor system that can be individually configured to customer requirements regarding power supply, memory, connectivity, sensor technology and data evaluation. 

It consists of very small hardware modules that can be placed like bricks on a foundation creating your individual IoT sensor system. The modules configure themselves automatically and sync with our Cloud. 

We can administer all of the sensors, manage them as groups or use them individually or the customer can do it themselves. Using a flexible API interface, connection to user defined Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, IoT, AWS, thingworx, GE Digital and Salesforce, among others is possible. 

RangerSensor Suite is also available as OEM electronics and therefore can be integrated into existing products. Comprehensive instructions on the hardware design, including multiple reference designs, circuit diagrams, pin assignment and guidelines making a quick product to market process possible. 

RangerSensor Suite scores above others with its unbeatable flexibility and security with huge cost advantages for the client. Dynamic and accurate location pinpointing is seamlessly possible. One particular plus point: the hardware and software are developed by us in house in Munich and produced by local EMS partners.

The customer makes all the decisions 

After the modules have been configured to the customer’s specifications, we mount RangerSensor Suite into its casing and set everything up as the client wishes. Alternatively, the customer can implement their own solutions and/or integrate the modules to expand an existing system.

The decision on how the data is received or how it interacts with the new sensor system lies with the customer. Data can be retrieved over our API or integrated into the custom Cloud solution. 

We also offer access to a comprehensive control panel where all settings can be individually configured. The tool also enables RangerSensor Suite’s configuration: time settings, alarm level, notifications and much more.

Solutions and usage examples 

RangerSensor Suite helps B2B customers to develop IoT sensor solutions quickly and securely, in order to resolve their own customers’ issues. 

RangerSensor Suite has an infinite number of implementation possibilities, the interchangeable hardware modules allow the system to grow horizontally and vertically; depending on the situation, we can completely create a module in the shortest amount of time, regardless of whether it is for use in constructions, retail, delivery, logistics or the pharmaceutical industry. Everything is possible, from asset tracking to distance measurement or material analysis. 

We offer solutions for:

  • OEM 
  • Industrial customers and SME, who haven’t developed a digital strategy because of the high costs or the complexity of integration with existing systems 
  • The sports industry (integration as wearables and for sports analysis)
  • System Integrators & Startups
  • Research & Development

We are looking for industrial partners who are interested in evaluating our

RangerSensor technology in customized pilot projects.

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