How does it work?

To be able to use RangerSensor you need at least two devices. 

Thus RangerSensor is independent of smartphones and third-party technologies. 

The system doesn’t require data or internet connections. The sensors are programmed via the integrated, user-friendly menu. For the most comprehensive experience, you can connect the smartphone application, RangerApp, to your sensors and configure all the settings there. You can simultaneously pair with, monitor and configure as many sensors as needed.

The sensors communicate over a distance of up to 300 metres with the receivers. In some cases a “boost mode” of up to a distance of 600 metres can be achieved. As well as being able to locate people and objects, RangerSensor also offers geofencing. With the RangerSensor operation and tracking unit you can use this technology to define distances, whereby, if you exceed them, an alarm will be sounded and the locating service will be triggered. The people or objects will also be located using the RangerSensor. To initiate the locating function you need a dynamic motion. It’s enough to move a few metres sideways or to turn on your own axis. The system calculates the distance using this movement and the movement of the person or object you are locating. This is displayed on the receiver as an arrow, which points in the direction of the object – like a compass. The relative distance and elevation are displayed down to the centimetre. In this way, you can see if the object is above or below you. This is particularly useful in multi-storied buildings or, as in our introductory example, in the shopping mall.

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